Early Reflections The Morning After 2020

This election is still not over but there are already takeaways from the 2020 election for president.

First we have further proof that pollsters are liars who were trying alternately to boost Biden or depress President Trump’s supporters. Ridiculous polls that showed Joe Biden up by over 10 points nation wide have been shown to be con jobs. As I write, the margin in the popular vote is 3% with just under three million votes separating the candidates. There is no reason why the polls would have been that wrong until election day if it were not for an agenda on the part of the polling firms.

Second The Blue Wave (TM) and its big brother, the blue tsunami, didn’t come to pass. For at least a while longer, the United States is still a 50/50 country. It is a remarkable thing that after every media company, traditional and social, and every activist group threw everything they had at President Trump that they could barely lift his opponent just above the 50% mark in the popular vote.

Third I worry that so many voters are so un-serious or so far gone that we may be about to lose the country. Oregon, Washington, and Minnesota saw months of rioting by radicals who destroyed whole sections of cities. These radicals were public in their hatred of the president and in their willingness to destroy the communities of people who are largely supportive of their aims. Being on the receiving end of the rage and destruction doesn’t seem to have changed many minds. Oregon and Washington still went 2 to 1 for Joe Biden. Minnesota has Biden up by seven with a margin of about 200,000 votes. These people don’t learn lessons.

Fourth It looks like Republicans will hold the Senate even if President Trump does not get re-elected. It’s possible that they could provide the legislative circuit breaker necessary to spare us the worst of a Kamala Harris presidency. That said, how much confidence would anyone have in the ability of Mitt Romney, among others, to hold the conservative line? If it comes to pass, every setback for the president will be blamed on those enemies of the people in the US Senate.

Lastly During Fox News’ coverage on election night, a lot was made of the fact that Cubans and Venezuelans provided part of Trump’s margin of victory in Florida. They said that Trump’s anti-socialism message really hit home these two demographic groups. It’s not a surprise that people who experienced the deprivation and repression of socialism/communism first hand would be receptive to this message. They know what it’s like to live under repressive regimes. Hopefully the naive/ignorant voters who threw their support to Biden won’t have to learn that lesson firsthand.

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