The CSI Effect on the COVID Crisis

It’s a regular talking point from the Joe Biden campaign. “The way you fix the economic crisis is that you first fix the COVID crisis,” Joe tells us. Then he assures us that he has a plan to fix it, though the details are always absent. Ads all over the web and on TV boast that Biden has a plan, and the public responds positively. President Trump has been excoriated for saying that we are learning to live with the virus. In fact, one of Biden’s attack lines is that people are learning to live without the relatives who have passed from the disease.

This plays to a large segment of the American people who seem to believe that a cure is just over the horizon if we just apply the right amount of “science” to the problem.

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The Republicans Suck… Vote for them anyway

I want to get one thing perfectly clear. The Republican party sucks. No ifs, and’s, or buts about it, they suck.

While I don’t doubt that there are many decent men and women in the Republican party, both as officeholders and activists, the party seems to be led by people who either don’t want to win or are misrepresenting themselves.

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Magic Masks

The debate around masks has been raging since the start of the corona virus experience. Public health authorities first told us that masks were not an effective means of protection from the disease and that we should not buy them. Later, these same authorities changed their stance and demanded public officials require people to wear masks while in public. Some went further and demanded that people be required to wear them in their own homes.

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Dubya Wasn’t a W for Conservatives

The recent appearance of George W. Bush staffers in the #NeverTrump camp wasn’t a surprise to anyone who followed current events. George W. Bush, who maintained the tradition among ex-presidents of not commenting on their successors when Obama was in office, has made negative remarks about Donald Trump. Word in the lead-up to the election in 2016 was that the Bushes would not be supporting the nominee of the party that they had lead just eight years earlier.

It’s all very disappointing but it got me to think about just the type of president we had for eight years in George W. Bush.

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Stray Thoughts Heading into Election Day 2018

This is being written hours ahead of the opening of polling places on the East Coast for the 2018 mid-term elections. What comes next is a collection of thoughts about the whole scene.

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Migrants Behaving Badly: Europe vs. US

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom a radio host on our side of the pond asked what it is that the United States is doing right. That is, what are we doing to prevent or deter the terrorists?

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Sore Loser Liberals

It’s been interesting watching liberals melt down over the past 24 hours. They are furious and some of them have taken to the streets to protest the results.

They feel a huge let down and are scared for the future. I get that but they brought quite a bit of this on themselves.

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Leading From Behind From The Very Beginning

In his victory speech in 2008 then President Elect Obama said that that night represented the first step in the fundamental transformation of America. To conservative ears this was an odd statement. If one loves something, why is their first instinct to fundamentally transform it? Change is inevitable and sometimes even desirable but transformation?
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Donald Trump: The National Review Candidate

If ever there was a year when a Republican candidate could win a resounding victory this was it. The current, term limited, incumbent is personally popular even as his legacy is on its way to leaving America in ruins. His would be successor is one of the most un-liked politicians of the modern era and her name is synonymous with dishonesty and corruption.

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Supreme Decisions

There are two important lessons from the third debate that every voter must consider.

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