Keep The Primary Status Quo

One of the themes of the Sean Hannity show in the last few weeks has been the host’s insistence that the processes by which the Republican party selects delegates for the national convention is flawed. He has bashed the selection process – in particular the Colorado method – and supported not just a uniform standard for the party but also a single primary day. With due respect for a man who has built his career in political commentary into an empire on radio and cable television, he is mistaken.
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Elections Today About Proper Role of Govt.

It seems that every election for the last dozen years is “the most important election in our lifetime.” Candidates for office, their campaigns and supporters, and even the media hype this line of thinking. As election season builds to the important day, anyone who has ever signed up for an email from an interest group or donated to a politician finds their mail box, snail and electronic, inundated with appeals for support.

This year, of course, is no different. Republicans want to maintain their hold on the U.S. House of Representatives and anticipate reaching a majority in the Senate. Democrats appear to have abandoned hopes of taking back the House majority they had going into the 2010 elections and are focused on getting vulnerable incumbents over the finish line in conservative states in order to stay in control of the Senate. Vulnerable Senate Democrats are in a bind. Many have supported the president’s agenda but are now avoiding being seen with him and multiple cases where they are refusing to admit whether they voted for the president in 2012.

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