The Left is Out of Arguments

A video recently posted to Twitter and retweeted by journalist Andy Ngo, showed a young black man walking up to tents set up by Trump supporters and flipping over several tables full of Trump 2020 gear while shouting insults at our president. The act is upsetting but it’s even more interesting in what it reveals about President Trump, his opposition, and the state of affairs in America.

The most obvious comment to make is that, of course this young man, and his partner who filmed the encounter, felt perfectly confident about disrupting the women who were operating the table. They’re clearly bullies but smart enough to pull their stunt on people not likely to respond to them physically. It’s doubtful that they would have pulled this stunt at a bikers for Trump event. It also demonstrates how the left and the Democrats really don’t have an argument anymore and resort to intimidation instead.

Donald Trump has been very hard for the Democrats to pin down and destroy, precisely because he has blown up every one of their stock arguments against the typical generic Republican.

Every election year we hear that Republican candidate X is a warmonger. He’s doing it all to help his buddies in the military-industrial complex and to look tough for all the neo-conservatives, they tell us. They then point to his foreign adventures and wonder aloud about why he is spending money overseas when he should be spending it at home. If there is a hot war in progress, the press will keep running tallies of dead and wounded on their shows and publications. But only if he is a Republican. Recall that the war in Iraq had just that, with reports about the dead, and the press speculating on why President Bush was fine with servicemen and women being killed or maimed to help his friends, the Saudis. When President Obama entered office that concern evaporated, even as the Iraq campaign dragged fitfully on, the effort in Afghanistan continued, and we entered Libya. Nope, those overseas contingency operations were really of no interest to anyone except of course when Osama bin Laden was found and killed.

President Trump has consistently not taken the bait and refrained from sending our military careening into another adventure. He has been restrained in his responses to provocations from Syria. He ordered the strike that took out Iranian terrorist kingpin Qasem Soleimani, and has resorted to diplomacy with North Korea. Trump’s efforts at bringing peace to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords also appear to be starting to bear fruit.

So he’s not a warmonger. That line of attack doesn’t work. Next!

The next Democrat argument against generic Republican presidential candidate is that he does not care about the plight of the poor. Every attempt by a Republican president to spur economic growth through tax cuts has been spun by the left and the media as a giveaway to rich people.

Under Donald Trump, this argument also doesn’t hold. The Wall Street Journal reported that prior to the start of the pandemic, that median net worth and media household income both rose, Unemployment, which had been gently declining from its 2010 high of nearly 10% as a result of the great recession, declined quickly during Trump’s term to 3.5%.



Thanks to President Trump’s policies, the United States had reached full employment before the start of the pandemic. The people who were most helped were the ones with the least. As more people participate in the work force and incomes rise they have less need for government and what the Democrats are selling. Again, President Trump has neutralized that argument from the left. Next!

The Republican is a racist! Every four years some Republican will be the most racist person in the world. At least until the election is concluded.

George W Bush didn’t specifically court black voters but his campaign and presidency were not dismissive or insulting to them either. Then along came Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it wreaked on primarily black communities in Louisiana was laid at the feet of George W. Bush. The ineptitude of Democratic officials at the state and local level didn’t matter. The generational corruption that had squandered flood control money and left New Orleans barely able to cope with an afternoon rainstorm somehow became the fault of the Republican in the White House. The Bush administration mobilized aid but the damage was done. “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people,” Kanye West blurted out during the benefit Concert for Hurricane Relief. And the perception was set in stone.

In 2012, Joe Biden told black voters that Mitt Romney would put them “back in chains.” Evidence was not necessary.

Contrast this to Donald Trump’s record with the black community. Under Trump black unemployment fell to historic lows. Trump’s efforts at criminal justice reform and commuting what have been considered overly harsh sentences for criminal convictions have shown that he cares about all of his constituents, even if they are not wealthy or connected. Trump’s work to improve funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities has also shown his commitment to the black community. His message of law and order, in part in response to the riots that have further hollowed out urban cores must also resonate with communities tired of being preyed on by predators and opportunists.

In short, if Donald Trump is a racist and a white supremacist, then he’s doing it wrong. The Democrats and the press will hound Trump for his supposed support of white supremacists –he doesn’t– but will report once and never again bring up that Joe Biden has the endorsement of professional white supremacist Richard Spencer.

The Democrats and the left are out of ideas and out of arguments. The best they can hope to do is fling insults and slanders and hope enough of them stick that they can drag down President Trump in his re-election efforts.

More depressingly, a second look at that young man in the video captured on Twitter shows he has a four word vocabulary. He can’t argue for a competing point of view. He can’t express anything beyond his hatred of the President.

“Fug Donald Trump ni—” is the best that he can say to supporters of the president.

The Democrats did that to him.

Democrats are the ones who have limited school choice and dumbed down the curriculum. Democrats are the ones who have told every minority group that they are being oppressed and have no hope outside their party. Democrats are the ones who have made conformity with their values a requirement, on penalty of assault or property damage.

The Democrats did that to that young man and to tens of millions of people around the country.

How many of them never developed the ability to think critically? How many of them are examples of wasted potential because they believed the propaganda that a racist country would never let them get ahead? How many of them have doubts about how things are going for them, and their communities, but don’t have a clue where to begin to fix things? Or are scared of what could happen to them if they break with their community?

Donald Trump must be maddening to Democrats.

He is not the caricature that they pin on other Republican candidates. He has governed responsibly and pushed an agenda of freedom and economic growth for everyone. He has been friendly to demographic groups normally ignored by Republicans. He has preemptively knocked down all of their arguments, not with promises, but with deeds.

Hopefully we can reach that young man and the many others like him.

For now we need to make sure the Democrats understand that their usual lies are not going to work for them this time.

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