Welcome to BlotterNotes.com

I have wanted to start this website for a long time. As an avid reader of many web sites and blogs I have benefited greatly and had an opportunity to learn far more in both breadth and depth than I would ever have by relying solely on traditional media. It is a wonderful thing to come across a site, sometimes by accident, with insightful writing and unique content. I have wanted to be part of that conversation for a long time and yet I have waited until now.

Over the years the reasons for not starting a site have run the gamut. It’s not a good time for me. Things at work are just too crazy right now. School is taking up all of my spare time. Does anyone really want to read what I have to say? That last point was a critical one. My family will listen politely when I opine on the day’s events, but will strangers care? Another point that can not be ignored is that writing that is consistently good is difficult. I had a fear that I would run out of topics after a handful of pieces and have nothing else to say. The legend of an exchange between two great writers, George Will and William F. Buckley, helped reduce this fear. The story goes that when Will became a syndicated columnist he asked his friend “How will I ever write two columns per week?” Buckley responded “Oh it will be easy. At least two things a week will annoy you, and you’ll
write about them.” It’s good advice, I think, but if there is ever a post about traffic it’s their fault.

Much like people who introduce themselves to radio hosts as “a long time listener, first time caller” I have been moved to pick up that phone, err.. keyboard and take the first step. I do want to reach a broader audience than the one that happens to be in the living room when I do my commentary. More seriously though, I am worried about the future. While I reject the “If you aren’t mad then you’re not paying attention” line I am surprised that people are either ignorant or complacent about what is happening to their country. The purpose of this blog is to try and light a candle against that darkness.

The goal of this site is two-fold. First, I would like to try my hand at creating original content. As I get better and have more time available I will publish more. The second goal of the site is link to content on other web sites. The magic of the web comes from the interconnected nature of the information. Linking to quality content on other sites will also give readers the opportunity to discover some of the other material out there that they might not otherwise have found.

My preference is conservative/libertarian and the content on this site will reflect that tilt. While I make no claim of objectivity I intend to be fair and honest. Again, welcome to BlotterNotes.com.

Mission Statement

This site will create origninal content from a conservative/libertarian viewpoint about issues and events for its readers and connect them to the best news and commentary available on the internet.

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