Project Veritas Expose is a Must Watch

What does it say about the opposition when it turns out they are worse than your wildest dreams?

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas have just released the second in a series of videos about the Democrats wildly illegal activities in the run up to the presidential election in November.

The first video in the series examines Democrats efforts to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies, get them covered by the media, and create the impression that Trump supporters are violence-prone lunatics.

Coordination between campaigns and committees that support a candidate is against the law. The video lets the principals in this illegal activity tell the story about how they get around the restrictions and give campaigns plausible deniability.

The second video shows how cavalier the left is about perpetrating voter fraud. At no point in either video do these activists care that they are breaking the law because “we need to win this mother——.”

Perhaps when Democrats talk about how few cases of voter fraud have been brought and proven they are not speaking from a perspective of confidence in our elections. They just feel they know how to play the game and not get caught.

Both videos are worth watching in their entirety and sharing with the whole address book and on social media.

Project Veritas is now doing the work that the media wont do. Please consider sending them a contribution.

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