Discussion Topics for Third Debate

The Donald Trump campaign recently sent out an email asking supporters what they wanted him to bring up during the debate.

Chris Christie surely had the Donald in fighting shape for tonight but here are some topics I would love to see him bring up.

Hillary, you mocked me because my father gave me a ‘small loan’ of a million dollars. First of all envy doesn’t look good on you or on anyone else in our country. It was a lot of money but I built it up into a multi-billion dollar empire by providing products that people want to pay for like hotels, casinos, and golf courses.

You have been in public service your whole life and have a net worth of over $100 million. How did that happen? What did you produce that made you so wealthy? What was in those speeches you gave to Wall Street banks? Or go way back and tell us how you made so much money trading cattle futures back in Arkansas.
You claim that you have spent your whole life as a champion for women and children. Yet you spent time as first lady in Arkansas and in Washington dealing with bimbo eruptions. That doesn’t seem like a nice way of describing the women who claim to be victims of your husband. Earlier in the campaign your site had a section that said that victims of sexual assault have a right to be believed and heard. Where did that section go after the women who accused your husband spoke to the press?
After the second debate you claimed I was stalking you around stage. That I was trying to intimidate you. We both moved around to speak to the undecided voters and I apologize if you were uncomfortable standing near me. But tell me. If you are so delicate that I intimidate you, how are you going to deal with Putin? Or the mullahs of Iran? Or any other aggressive leader on the world stage that doesn’t care if you feel intimidated?
Project Veritas has done some deep investigative work this election season. The kind of thing the media used to do. They have made some disturbing claims about activists and committees aligned with your campaign. How can you disavow these people who admit they have been closely coordinating with your campaign?
Recent leaks out of the FBI mention an undersecretary of state trying to negotiate the classification of an email they found on your server. There seems to be a ‘quid pro quo‘ offer to reward them if they made the change. Were your supporters trying to influence a federal investigation? James Cartwright didn’t have that luxury. How are the rules different for you?
Last year the book ‘Clinton Cash‘ described how donors to the various Clinton foundations got special treatment from the State Department. Your State Department even approved a sale to one of your foundation donors that resulted in a quarter of the uranium mining operations in our country to be under the control of Russia. And that’s just one example. How else have you sold out our country to foreign interests for your own gain?

Clinton would have an aneurysm live on national television. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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