Sore Loser Liberals

It’s been interesting watching liberals melt down over the past 24 hours. They are furious and some of them have taken to the streets to protest the results.

They feel a huge let down and are scared for the future. I get that but they brought quite a bit of this on themselves.

The Polls
Most liberals are stunned that the polls predicted a Clinton win which has most definitely not materialized. Here their argument is clearly with the skewed polls showing a Clinton victory.

In conservative circles the suspicion has been that those ridiculous Clinton+7 and Clinton+11 leads were not representative of reality. Rather they were a psychological operation to demoralize Trump supporters and depress their turnout.

Instead it looks like Democrats who were dissatisfied with their nominee and could not bring themselves to vote for her stayed home because they thought Clinton had enough support to get over the finish line without them.

Polls weaponized against Republicans may have lead to an own goal by Democrats.

Down With The Electoral College!
Clinton is leading the popular vote by a few hundred thousand votes even as the Electoral College is building toward a Trump landslide. So of course Democrats suddenly have a problem with the Electoral College.

Everyone knows the rules. The popular vote is just a tally of the 51 elections held in the states and the District of Columbia. The Electoral College has a tendency of magnifying a candidate’s victory.

President Obama got just over half the vote in each of his two elections but Bill Clinton did not breach the 50% mark in either of his. Both did very well in the Electoral College. In either case does that make them less legitimate than Presidents Nixon and Reagan, both of whom won re-election with around 60% of the vote?

The point of the Electoral College is to make sure that candidates don’t just focus on a handful of population centers and neglect the rest of the country. Clinton assumed that she had Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in her column and barely expended resources to reach those voters. Trump did reach out and brought the upper Midwest back into the Republican column after a generation with the Democrats.

Dissatisfied with the results the left has taken to the streets to protest the Trump victory. It’s important to remember that leftists think democracy is a great thing when they win and corrupt and unrepresentative when they lose.

What do they think McCain and Romney supporters did in the past two election cycles?

Some cried. Many prayed for the future of the United States. Nearly all of us went back to our families and our daily lives and tried to carry on. No one wasted energy protesting or planning revolution.

Democrats need to calm down and accept reality. Maybe take up a hobby and put down DailyKos and The Huffington Post for a while.

Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. Make your peace with it or get ready to start helping your therapist with payments on his second home.

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