Migrants Behaving Badly: Europe vs. US

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom a radio host on our side of the pond asked what it is that the United States is doing right. That is, what are we doing to prevent or deter the terrorists?

The guest on the show, a former intelligence agent now working as a security consultant explained that in the US the Joint Terrorism Task-force has been effective in coordinating law enforcement at all levels and that this cooperation has allowed us to foil terror plots.

No doubt that he is right but it is also about what the United States has not done that the UK and Europe have.

Our first culprit is Tony Blair. When Labour regained power during the 1990s they increased immigration from third world countries. From the perspective of Blair and company the benefit was two-fold. First, the demographic changes would be something to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity.”  Second, the new immigrants would be reliable voters. This worked splendidly in some quarters as long as the newly minted citizens dutifully voted Liberal or Labour. Britain has not fared as well. The 7/7 Tube bombings; the beheading of British Army soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight; the Rotherham grooming scandal; all have been indicators of a problem looming for the UK. The recent attacks near Parliament, the bombing of a concert in Manchester, and now another incident on London Bridge leave no doubt about the imminent danger.

Has anyone from any previous government conceded that maybe it was a mistake to bring in large groups of immigrants from an alien culture?

Of course not. The media talking heads remind us that we must be vigilant to prevent an Islamophobia induced backlash.

Our second actor in this drama is the Chancellor of Europe herself, Angela Merkel. When Merkel laid out the welcome mat for refugees from Syria a couple of years ago, she did not consult other European leaders about her decision. She also appears to have scarcely given any thought about the impact on Germany, or Europe, of importing hundreds of thousands of military age males from a hostile, foreign civilization.

When their new guests inevitably misbehaved, as they did in Cologne during New Year’s festivities, they authorities and the media, covered it up. Women were groped and sexually assaulted by migrant men. You could almost say that they perpetrated a rape culture.

Yet when organizations such as AfD, Alternative for Germany, attempted to protest the migrant policy they were branded as racist right-wingers. The German government has gone after people who express skeptical thoughts on social media.

Laying out the welcome mat and looking the other way on misbehavior hasn’t bought the Germans peace. The attack at a Berlin Christmas market last year is another example of how some Muslim migrants are responding to the generosity of their hosts.

The totally mystifying question is why voters around Europe keep voting for parties that are intent on importing hostile foreigners.

Are they aware of what is happening and what ill happen? Are they so fatalistic that they don’t care?

In the United States our party of the left, the Democrats, are trying to sign us up for the same experience with their insistence that we turn the trickle of refugees into a deluge. We are supposed to believe that they are interested in the refugees purely for humanitarian reasons and not because they would become a reliable voting bloc if ever they were granted citizenship.

For now America has the restraint, and the distance, to keep the incoming refugee population small. As we are beginning to see, Europe may already be too far gone.

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